Ways to  Make Your AC Air Colder The Cabin Air Filter The cabin air filter is protection from dust, dirt, and debris entering your car through the vents. This is a simple answer and solution to why you’re not receiving any cold air when you turn on the car’s AC system.  Replacing the cabin air

Benefits To Regular Car Servicing

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways we as automobile owners can ensure the safety and efficiency of our vehicles. From oil changes to tune-ups and routine inspections, regular auto repair should be taken seriously. However, as busy as life gets for all of us, auto maintenance can often be forgotten about. Much like

How To Tell If You Need New Tires

Much like shoes protect your feet, tires preserve your vehicle. Whether it’s traction, handling, or steering, your tires are responsible for maintaining control of each. Over time, however, tires can begin to wear and without regular tire repair and inspection, sudden tire failure can lead to severe consequences. The lifespan of a tire depends on

Don’t Tune Out From Your Tune-Up

Avoiding Regular Maintenance Will Only Get You in trouble in The future Like any major piece of equipment, your car needs regular maintenance to run efficiently. Affectionately called a tune-up, this service is a great way for you to check on various parts of your vehicle to ensure everything is in good working order. When

Signs You Need Brake Repair

3 Signs You Need A Brake Check Squeaking, squealing, or unresponsive brakes are a liability as you commute in Las Angeles, CA, and the surrounding area. Look for these common signs of brake damage and discover where you can receive premier brake repair services near you. Look for a local, qualified mechanic to keep your

Signs You Need Suspension Repair

What to Look Out For Thanks to your vehicle’s suspension system, you likely feel very few bumps and movement as you drive. That is assuming your suspension is in good condition! Over time, your suspension takes a beating from LA road conditions and normal wear and tear. How can you tell when your car needs

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

How to Avoid Auto Repairs If you want to avoid spending all your time in the auto repair shop, you may want to perform preventative maintenance on your car occasionally. It can be tempting to just ignore all the strange sounds coming from your car, but often, these sounds indicate there is something wrong. Taking