The transmission is the most complex engine component to fix. It typically requires a specialist with years of experience to provide a quality transmission service. There are several warning signs that you should be able to recognize which let you know that it’s time to visit Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, CA. Our team of transmission service specialist should be your first call if you notice any of the following warning signs:

Difficulty Switching Gears

Whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual transmission, your vehicle is supposed to smoothly transition into a higher gear as you accelerate. You should not hear or feel the vehicle or engine struggling to maintain its speed. If your vehicle does not switch into a higher gear with ease, or there is a delay, this is a clear sign that you have a transmission repair need.

Slipping Out of Gear

Sometimes drivers are in gear, and they experience gear slippage, which is unintentionally slipping out of gear and into neutral. This prevents you from accelerating as long as the car is in neutral or the wrong gear. This is a very dangerous condition, and it should be diagnosed by a transmission service expert as soon as possible.  

Burning Smell

No matter where or when, if you smell something burning, that’s a warning sign that can’t be ignored. The same is true for your vehicle. While the car may be driving normally, the burning smell could mean the transmission needs to be serviced. The transmission could be overheating, transmission fluid could be burning or need to be replaced. 

Check Engine Light

A check engine light could have a variety of causes. Whenever your dashboard’s check engine light appears, it’s time to come see the qualified technicians at Mid City Complete Auto for a check engine light diagnosis. Your transmission could very easily be the cause of the check engine light. Make sure you act quickly regarding your check engine light, because the longer you wait, the more damage you could be doing. 

Leaking Fluid

Leaking transmission fluid is the most obvious problem. Your vehicle should never be leaking fluids, so this should be addressed right away. Our team is looking forward to solving any and all of your vehicle’s transmission issues. Identifying the leak and visiting Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, CA is a great start. Our shop is located at 5054 West Washington Blvd., and we welcome all walk-ins!

Written by Mid City Complete Auto

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