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The Suspension Service Your Vehicle Deserves

Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, California is your one-stop-shop for all things suspension repair & maintenance. We know that whatever issue your vehicle’s suspension system is having, we can fix it with quality, care, and precision in mind. Our team of automotive professionals is some of the best in the business, with years of experience in the industry and in servicing hundreds of suspension systems. They utilize state-of-the-art tools, components, and the latest service techniques to ensure your vehicle’s suspension gets the best put into its system. Whether it’s a wheel misalignment or a broken ball joint, know that our team can handle it all!

Does Your Suspension Need Service?

To ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is performing at its best, you need to follow a routine service schedule with professionals who understand what to do. This allows them the ability to monitor the system over time and determine what needs to be serviced and when. But along with that, it’s helpful for you to know the common malfunction signs that come with the suspension system, as it allows you to act when something is wrong proactively. Here are some common suspension warning signs that you should be aware of!

Wheel Misalignment

Although the name may suggest something wrong with the wheels, a wheel misalignment is related to your vehicle’s suspension system. Unfortunately, this issue can happen after minor incidents like hitting a pothole or curb. You’ll likely be suffering from wheel misalignment if your vehicle is drifting while driving straight or if the steering wheel is at an odd angle. This can be bothersome to deal with and hurt your vehicle’s performance, so act quickly as soon as you notice any issues!

Bumpy Drives

Whenever you drive over a bumpy road or hit a minor pothole, you can thank the suspension system for absorbing much of the impact. Specifically, you can thank the shock absorbers. If you feel that the rides are a lot rougher, that’s a good sign the shock absorbers are beginning to wear out or have fully worn out. If fully worn, your drives can quickly become uncomfortable, so make sure to schedule service with our team at your earliest convenience!

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If you fight the steering wheel to keep your vehicle straight or notice that drives are a lot rougher, you may be dealing with a suspension issue. Don’t compromise on comfort and performance and make sure you are always driving the best version of your vehicle by scheduling a suspension service with Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, California! We offer a wide variety of services to help get the job done right, and we make sure all of them are performed with the best tools in the industry. We know that your car’s suspension will be performing at its best after service with us! Give us a call at 310-967-9252 or visit our shop on 5054 W Washington Blvd (on the corner of South Orange and Washington) to schedule an appointment with our team today. Our services advisors are ready and waiting to help you!