Ways to Avoid a Tire Blowout

Don’t Blow It By Neglecting Tire Care

Don’t Blow It By Neglecting Tire Care

You’ve heard of it. Sudden tire failure may come with noise and additional property damage. It’s a blowout! What’s worse, a failed tire and sheet metal damage may only be the beginning of your trouble. Did you know that blowouts cause about 11,000 traffic accidents per year? Approximately 200 of those cause death. That’s certainly not a fate you want for yourself and your passengers. You don’t want that for your fellow motorists eithers, but it can happen. About half of crashes due to blowouts involve contact with another vehicle, too. Although you can’t prevent every calamity, many blowouts can be avoided with proper tire care and timely tire repair from Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, California.

Common Causes of Catastrophic Tire Failure

While we all take chances every time we travel because safe passage is never a guarantee, it’s good to be aware of common causes of tire failure. Many blowouts result from things you can control. For example, you shouldn’t continue driving on old or substandard tires. When tires are in poor condition overall, the chances of a blowout increase significantly. Also, don’t neglect tire rotation and balancing. This can lead to uneven tread wear. That also increases your risk of sudden tire failure. Another common problem is improper air pressure (psi). When you operate your vehicle without sufficient tire inflation, the tire(s) can overheat. The heat can become extreme in the sidewall area where the tire is thinner. Couple this with the seam/transitional area between the tread and sidewall, and blistering/thinning can occur. You can guess the potential ending. Another factor within your control is gross vehicle weight. Your tires are designed to carry a maximum safe load. Keep in mind that’s total (gross) weight, so the number represents the weight of the vehicle, all passengers, and cargo. Too much weight on the tires presses them harder into the road surface, generating heat. Again, excessive heat is the enemy, possibly causing bubbles and blowouts. You can’t control punctures and road debris, but watch for them as best you can and be aware that these, too, can be disastrous.

The Time is Now

When it comes to tire repair that can possibly prevent blowout conditions, the time to visit Mid City Complete Auto is now. Whether you need a routine tire check, rotation/balancing, repair, replacement, or a related service, we have you covered for any make or model. Come see for yourself why we’ve had so many loyal customers since we opened in 1985.

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