Reducing Your Fleet Costs

Reducing Fleet Costs Through Auto Repair and a Fleet Management Plan

Every Penny Counts in Fleet Service

When you’re operating a business, you already know you have an interest in controlling costs in each category. You want a balance between providing exceptional goods/services and operational overhead so that a winning situation exists for both you and your customers. If your establishment utilizes its own transportation, a chunk of your budget goes toward your fleet. One way to manage your transportation dollars is to partner with Mid City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, California, for all your fleet service needs.

The Many Roles of Preventive Maintenance

The role of preventive maintenance in fleet management can’t be overstated:

  1. Routine services such as oil changes, tune-ups, fluid top-offs, and tire repair keep your vehicles running at their best. This increases fuel efficiency, saving you money every month.
  2. These services help prevent breakdowns and more extensive repairs. That keeps your vehicles on the road serving your clients (and making money) for a more significant percentage of the time. It also reduces repair bills over time.
  3. Fleet services extend the usable life of your automobiles.

Clearly, transportation is cheaper if you have to replace your cars, trucks, or vans less frequently. Finally, documented timely repairs help protect your business from legal claims. For instance, consider the importance of brake repair. Plus, while nobody wants their fleet units to be involved in a crash, being able to present maintenance records in case of false accusations is a wise choice.

Your Trusted Fleet Service Partner

Since 1985, Mid City Complete Auto has been assisting area businesses with fleet service. Regardless of the make(s) or model(s) you use, our experienced staff is happy to help you with scheduling and completing tasks for prevention, repair, and related service record keeping. You can count on us, too, to help you manage the transportation portion of your company.

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