Ways to  Make Your AC Air Colder

The Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter is protection from dust, dirt, and debris entering your car through the vents. This is a simple answer and solution to why you’re not receiving any cold air when you turn on the car’s AC system.  Replacing the cabin air filter may be possible for you, or it may not be. You can bring your vehicle’s air conditioner issues to the team at Mid-City Complete Auto in Los Angeles, CA. 

Blast the AC!

Blast the air on 10! That’s right. Crank your AC’s temperature setting to the coldest possible setting. You should turn the dial to the maximum output so that the AC system fills the cabin with the coolest air possible. When you put the dial on a mid-level temperature, the system will reheat slightly. But cool air will be maximized when the temperature remains at the highest setting, and the fan is adjusted. 

Gimme Shelter

A parking garage is just not available to many car owners, which means parking under the sun. The blazing hot sun. In the summer, especially, it’s a good idea to look for a place to park your vehicle that has some covering. Allowing heat from the sunlight to steadily raise the temperature in the cabin will make it more difficult to keep the car cool. You might also want to use a windshield visor that blocks the sun while the car is parked.    

Don’t Blast the AC?

Don’t blast the AC right away! This may seem like a contradictory message to the above one, but it’s actually not. On a hot summer day, when you first get in your car, the temperature is hotter in the car than it is outside. You should try rolling the window down and allowing the hot air to escape, thereby lowering the temperature of the air. Then, blasting the AC will be more effective at cooling you down.

Refill the Freon!

Low refrigerant levels will always prevent the AC system from being as cool  as you need it to be. Many vehicle  owners will check refrigerant levels and refill them on their own. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to stop by Mid City Complete in Los Angeles, CA for a refrigerant check and refill service, because we’ll be able to provide any other necessary system checks. Start with us, to get to the bottom of any AC system problem.

Written by Mid City Complete Auto

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