Signs You Need Suspension Repair

What to Look Out For

Thanks to your vehicle’s suspension system, you likely feel very few bumps and movement as you drive. That is assuming your suspension is in good condition! Over time, your suspension takes a beating from LA road conditions and normal wear and tear. How can you tell when your car needs suspension repair? Watch out for these common signs that it’s time to head into the shop at Mid City Complete Auto.

Bumpy Drive

The most obvious symptom from a bad suspension is that you’ll no longer have a smooth ride. There will be less cushion after bumps and more shaking over cracked, potholed roads. The rough ride is a result of the shocks leaking the fluid that absorbs the bouncing. For systems with struts instead of shock absorbers, listen for a knocking sound when you drive over uneven surfaces.

Wheel Problems

A broken suspension can affect your wheels in a few ways:

  • Misalignment: Without a properly working suspension, your wheels may become out of alignment, affecting your steering and the longevity of your tires. Poor alignment is only a sign, however, meaning that correcting the wheels won’t fix the underlying suspension issue.

  • Creaking Sounds: If you hear a creaking noise when you turn, it’s from the ball joints between the suspension and wheels. Wait too long to repair them and your suspension system will be hanging down.

  • Steering Troubles: Control arms connect wheels to the steering components and car frame. When they’re worn out, your steering will suffer. You may also notice rattling or clunking noises from the wheels.

Lopsided Vehicle

There’s one more sign of a faulty suspension. Does one corner of your car sag lower than the rest? That probably means your suspension’s springs are no longer able to carry weight. Head to an expert immediately for suspension repairs to restore the proper weight distribution on your car.

Take your car into Mid City Complete Auto Center if you experience any of these warning signs. We not only can take care of repairs but also provide ongoing suspension maintenance to prevent further issues. Schedule your appointment right away to get back your smooth ride.

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