Signs You Need Brake Repair

3 Signs You Need A Brake Check

Squeaking, squealing, or unresponsive brakes are a liability as you commute in Las Angeles, CA, and the surrounding area. Look for these common signs of brake damage and discover where you can receive premier brake repair services near you. Look for a local, qualified mechanic to keep your car operating efficiently and braking safely.

Brake Light

The first sign of brake issues is your brake light on your dashboard. This helpful light is connected to sensors throughout your brake system and alerts you to any potential issues. While the sensors themselves may be damaged, it’s important to have any brake light issue promptly inspected by a certified mechanic.

Unusual Noises

Grinding brakes are bad news. If you hear the grinding, squealing sound of metal-on-metal contact, it’s time to check out your brakes. Brake repair services carefully inspect your brake pads, rotors, and calipers to determine the source of this unusual sound. The most common issue is worn-out brake pads. Because of the extreme wear of daily driving, your brake pads can wear out and reduce their efficiency. By replacing brake pads and cleaning your rotors and calipers, a professional mechanic can ensure your brakes operate effectively.

Reduced Braking Power

Finally, one of the most dangerous signs that you need your brakes repaired is reduced power in your brakes. If you press your brake pedal and experience slow brake speeds, there could be an issue with your brake fluid or brake line. Damage to these components can cause your vehicle to lose their braking power completely. A qualified mechanic can bleed your brake lines, make any necessary repairs, and restore full braking efficiency to your vehicle. Take your car to a local mechanic at the first sign of a loss of braking efficiency, as this could quickly lead to further loss of braking power.

Repair Your Brake Issues Today

For premier brake repair services in Las Angeles, CA, schedule a service with Mid City Complete Auto Center today. Our expert mechanics can quickly inspect your brake system and perform any necessary repairs. Don’t let a squealing brake create a dangerous situation for your vehicle, but enjoy reliable and efficient repairs.

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